Friday, February 19, 2010

Magneto is Mojo Jojo

So, I'm reading through my old X-Men, and I come across X-Men #1. Now, because I live alone, I tend to read comics aloud. It keeps me from going stir crazy and going on a nine-state murder spree because I misinterpret the meaning behind a poem titled Ode to a Hall, or from getting lonely. You know, whichever makes me seem less crazy. (mmm... halls.....) As I do this, my inner voice tends to become my outer voice.

So, I'm reading and I come to this panel:

I notice that my voice suddenly goes deeper and a bit more guttural. Which is odd, because I've always heard the X-Men Evolution version of Magneto (Earth-11052 according to in my head when I read him in the comics. You know, sort of a lower-end baritone but resonating/echoing? It's a voice of command and respect, in my mind. *shrug* What can I say? I respond to child-abusing megalomaniacal dictators. I have issues. But, the voice in my head suddenly went deeper to a low bass as I read that panel. Which, I thought was weird but pressed on.

Then, I come to the panel directly next to it.

And I start speaking in gravely Engrish. You know the kind of accent that 'Really Old Japanese Patriarch Possessor of Profound and Ancient Wisdom' has on TV or in the movie-films? Again, odd, but I didn't make the connection.

I continue on for a while using this voice whenever Magneto speaks, without making any connections. Until I come to this panel and find unnecessarily exposition (TM!):

And my voice takes on a fast-slow-slow-fast-fast cadence. I start to think I know this voice from somewhere, but I couldn't quite place where. Until....

YES!! ALLITERATION! And, suddenly, *miraculously* I put it all together! Magneto has Mojo Jojo's voice! At least, in the early comics. By the time of Second Genesis, he's achieved more of his X-Men Evolution voice. Odd, I suppose, to think that he's evolved *snort* into a voice that won't be actually heard for another thirty years.


  1. I usually hear the X-Men:TAS voice for Magneto, but sometimes it's Ian MacKellan.

  2. Samnell, You're a freak. Why would Magneto sound like he did in XAS? It's not like it was a major cartoon during our formative years or anything.